Amika Kushwaha and Cassius Khan

Amika Kushwaha is an award winning Kathak dancer who has learned from some of the finest masters of Kathak in New Delhi, India. She has brought together an amazing collaboration with acclaimed musicians, the award winning and globally renowned “Ghazal/Tabla Wizard” Cassius Khan, and the dynamic Sitar Maestro Sharanjeet Singh Mand. Alongside Amika’s trio collaboration, two rising stars of Kathak dance, Reva Vaze and Prianca Shukla will be joining her for an explosive and a one of a kind Kathak collaboration. Amika is one of the few Kathak dancers in Canada who pairs her performances with live musical accompaniment. The husband-wife duo, Amika Kushwaha and Cassius Khan are recognized ambassadors of the Indian Classical arts in Canada and are the creators of the ‘Mushtari Begum Festival of Indian Classical Music and Dance,’ Canada’s most elite Indian Classical arts festival.