Jacky Essombe & Friends

Jacky Essombe is a “cultural liaison” between the African and the Western worlds. Originally from Cameroon, she grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver. She has toured in Canada, the United States and Europe with major recording artists and has appeared on television worldwide.

The African Village Experience is a collective of enthusiastic individuals who share a common love for traditional African drumming and dancing. Composed of amateur drummers and dancers and led by professional dancer Jacky Essombe and professional percussionist Yoro Noukoussi from Benin (West Africa), the goal of the collective is to bring to local audiences the joy, excitement and sense of togetherness found in African villages.  Their intention is to show how music and dance are an expression of everyday life and are accessible to everyone in the community, not just the professionals, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and body shape. They are committed to bringing ALL people together, big and small, in celebration and acknowledgement of each other’s rich diversity.