Madona Ghosal

Madona Bhowmick Ghosal is a very well known classical dancer in every community around Vancouver. She started learning dance when she was 2.5 years old. She is trained in Indian classical, semi classical, creative and contemporary dance. She is Bisharadh in both Bharatnattyam and Kathak dance. She trained under legendary Guru Thankumoni Kutty, Kalamandalam Venkit for Bharatnattyam. Banashree Misra the niece of famous Bengali singer Nirmala Mishra for Kathak and World famous Tanushree Sankar for creative and contemporary dance. She holds a Masters in political science. At Diwali Fest, she will be performing a solo ballet based on Mahisashur Mardini where she will be representing all the characters by herself in her dance.