DJ Kash

The Bengali Sensation

DJ KASH, known worldwide as “The Bengali Sensation”, is the uniquely talented DJ with one of a kind style that is changing the party scene around the world.

Using diverse music with different flavors such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Top 40, and EDM; DJ KASH has created a genre that is exclusive to him. His fans everywhere have come to know and love the sound and energy that he brings to the party.

With over 5 years of experience, a finely tuned ear for musical mash-ups, and a natural energy that is ever present in his sets, DJ KASH is able to quickly adapt to any venue, party, or environment, making sure that party-goers are having a great time listening to his work.

What sets DJ KASH “The Bengali Sensation” apart from any other run of the mill DJ is his knowledge of music around the world. He is passionate about studying music from different countries and cultures so that he can later share it with the world. Not before, of course, adding in his special and distinct sound to the mix.

DJ KASH is truly an enigma. His knowledge of music is matched to his knowledge of the crowd’s energy. When he’s playing at different venues, parties, or shows, DJ KASH has the remarkable ability to read the energy coming from the crowd and heighten that energy with the perfect set of beats, music, and mixes. Regardless of a fan in the crowd’s age, musical preferences, or gender, DJ KASH is able to get anyone moving to the rhythm and beats of his unique sound.

It’s the passion and talent of DJ KASH that has sparked a revolution in the party scene. DJ KASH loves that he is able to bring something unique and fresh to the table that attracts fans from all over the globe.