Kuntal Patel

My path as an artist can be traced back to my childhood and the profound influence of my father, an accomplished artist in India. Growing up, I had the privilege of receiving my artistic training directly from him, learning the intricate details of various art forms and techniques.

Artistry in My Roots:
In India, our culture is rich in artistic traditions. One of my fondest childhood memories is creating vibrant Rangoli designs during the festive season of Diwali. These intricate patterns, made from colourful powders, grains, and flower petals, are visually stunning and symbolize unity and celebration. It’s within these artistic traditions that I discovered my love for colour and creativity.
Early Achievements:
In my early 20s, I took my passion for art to the next level by participating in several competitions. These experiences honed my skills and allowed me to connect with a broader artistic community. To my delight, my work was recognized and celebrated at the state (provincial level), where I was honoured with awards for my creative endeavours.

Art is not just a hobby; it is a vital part of my identity, a creative outlet that allows me to express myself and connect with others through the universal language of visuals.

As an Art Workshop Coordinator, I am excited to share my passion for art, experience, and deep-rooted appreciation for creativity with others. Together, we will explore the art world, discover new techniques, and unlock the boundless potential of self-expression through artistic endeavours.

Join me on this artistic journey, where colours, shapes, and imagination come together to create something extraordinary.